Donnellons Body Works are specifically geared up to meet the needs of:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Fleet Companies
  • Broker Firms
  • Lease Companies
  • Business & Corporate Clients
  • Vehicle Manufacturers & Dealerships
  • The Discerning Vehicle Owner
  • Anyone requiring Quality & Service in a Costly Manner

Donnellons Body Works is a modern and progressive smash repair company that is committed to meeting the needs and expectation of quality and customer satisfaction.

Excellence in Auto Body Repairs

Our Company motto reads
“People are always Happy when they are Understood”

  • We understand courtesy and patience towards our clients
  • We understand your needs for a timely and efficient repair
  • We understand getting it right the first time
  • We understand honest communication ethics
  • We understand word of mouth advertising
  • We understand that people who are happy will help our business to grow

It is our intention to provide every client with the best possible service utalising our wealth of knowledge and latest equipment in a professional and skillful manner. No problem is too big or small if opproached with the right attitude. Quality and service are our hallmark and guarantee.

Our Partners

  • VACC
  • Glasurit Paint
  • Variety Australia